K2000 All-in-one Video Management Server 2000 Channels

· Up to 24 HDDs, 2000 channels
· 18 1080P decoding
· Input 512M, output 400M
· Recording channel 256, forwarding channel 200

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The K2000 is an all-in-one server that combines Tiandy’s powerful video central management system, Easy7 CMS, with stream service and storage service. The K2000 can manage network cameras for recording, live view, playback, E-map, video wall etc,. With the power of VMS, sophisticated alarm management is possible, as well as central management. The K2000’s unique design provides both powerful storage and advanced centralized video management capabilities.· 4U front panel HDD slots design, support up to 24 HDDs· Support centralized storage, decoding, forwarding and management of IP cameras, stream servers, NVRs and decoders, up to 2000 channels· Support 2 HDMI & 1VGA output interfaces and 18 1080P decoding· Linux OS embedded operating system· Support web management UI· Video input bandwidth 512M, output bandwidth 400M;

Video recording channel 256 / Forwarding channel 200 ( Disable face recognition)

· Support local video storage

· Support NTP function

· Support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60

· Able to operate the configuration and monitor the status of disk and RAID group by adopting visible management UI

· Able to conduct human, vehicle, attendance, device and access control

· Able to conduct face search

· Able to conduct early warning linkage

Date Title Type Download
2021-12-09 K2000 pdf
Main Functions
Device management Support management of IP cameras, NVRs and network video encoder/decoders
Support configuration of device information and account authority
Support detection of device status
Live view Support auto switch of main and sub stream, live windows can be drag to form a large single window. Live windows can be divided into 4/6/8/10 mode or 1-5/1-7 consist of main/sub stream. The number of screens per row/column can be customized up to 64 as well. Supports electronic zoom, image capture. Supports switch by single channel, group or all channels, users can customize switch plan
PTZ control Support pan tilt and zoom control including 8 directions control, zoom/aperture/focus settings, preset settings, wiper control and 3D positioning
Video management Support recording template that users can easily arrange start time, end time, week time and recording duration
Video playback Support device storage/centralized storage/local storage and multiple method for searching video
Support timing video recording, playback, video download, image capture, multi-speed playback in server
Video wall Support video wall template configuration and video switch
Event management Support multiple alarm types and linkage of alarm input and output interfaces. Events can be prioritized by importance
Intelligent analysis Support linkage of VCA functions
Alarm linkage Support linkage of alarm output, video recording, sound, pop on video wall, e-map, image capture and preset of PTZ
User management Support user account management like setting authority and expiration time
Log management Support recording log like adding, deleting and modifying for each module independently
Support searching and exporting log information for each module
E-map Support using super high-resolution picture as e-map background
Support google GIS map and different surveillance icons overlay on maps
Two-way audio Support two-way audio to devices and volume is adjustable
Decoding Support 2 HDMI& 1VGA output interfaces and 18 1080P decoding
Support 3 optional decoding cards and up to 18 screens output
Compatible devices Support access of IP cameras, NVRs, centralized storage and servers.
Support 400 channels access via ONVIF and 1100 channels via Tiandy private protocal.
Support 2000 channels via Tiandy private protocal only.
Group management Support adding, modifying, searching and deleting the organization structure and offical authority
Face management Support up to 50 face recognition cameras connection
Support up to 5000 face pictures each library
Support analysis and statistics of face alarm
Support to search picture by picture and search face picture by time or name
CPU 64-bit multicore processor
Memory 24GB (3×8GB, 4 memory slots), maximum 64G
Network interface 4xRJ45 self-adaptive 10/100/1000 Mbps network interfaces
Data HDD Up to 24 disks
HDD type 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA
HDD capacity 4/6/8TB enterprise HDD
4/6/8/10TB surveillance HDD
Interfaces 2 USB 2.0 ports in front panel, 2 USB 3.0 ports in rare panel
2 RS485, 1 RS232
8 alarm input, 4 alarm output
RAID RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60
Power supply AC100V~AC240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption Rated power: 800W
Peak power: 500W
Average power: 300W
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Working humidity 10%~90%(RH)
Dimensions 542mm(L)×446.6mm(W)×173.8mm(H)
Management platform WEB GUI
Management software IPC access management, Recording file management, alarm linkage
IPC channels 2000
User account 100
Middleware adapter 1
Middleware number 1
Icon overlay on map 1000
Person information 10000
Face recognition camera access Maximum 50
ANPR camera access Maximum 25
Access control PAD (ID card) Maximum 70
Face turnstile Maximum 24
Log record 500,000 per 90 days 90 days
Alarm record 5,000,000 per 90 days 90 days
Face Pad record 3,000,000 per 90 days 90 days
Face capture record 2,000,000 per 90 days
Attendace record(1000 people) 365,000 per year
Dynamic Statistics
* The following listed numbers are peak performance, they may not be supported at the same time
GPS location reported 10/s
Access users 50
Online users 100
Access APP 100
Alarm go off per second 8
Picture performance Send/Receive 25 pictures/S
Less than 550K each picture, up to 18,000 pictures every day
Video performance (Picture and video storage in same time)
Video storage capability Up to 180 channels (2Mbs, H.265)
Video forwarding capability Up to 180 channels forwarding and decoding combined (2Mbs, H.265)
Decoding capability Up to 80 channels in main stream (1080P, 2Mbs, H.265),
100 channels in substream
Video switching Up to 80 channels in main stream (1080P, 2Mbs, H.265),
55 channels in substream
Video performance (Video storage only)
Video storage capability Up to 256 channels (2Mbs, H.265)
Video forwarding capability Up to 200 channels forwarding and decoding combined (2Mbs, H.265)
Decoding capability Up to 144 channels in main stream, 384 channels in substream (1080P 2Mbs H265)
Video switching Up to 40 channels in main stream, 384 channels in substream (1080P 2Mbs H265)

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